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October 9, 2007

Latest Geek Toy

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So, what does a geek do when he has a bad week, his birthday rolled in, and Apple drops the price on the iPhone 200 bucks? You guessed it…he finally caves in and buys an iPhone. I decided to wait a while to blog about it, and was kind of busy last week (work trip to Alabama? Not so fun).

So I’ve had it two weeks now. What do I think? The accessories kinda suck…cases are expensive and low quality. Cingular let me exchange the case-mate brand I bought, which broke in 3 days. DON’T BUY IT. The swivel clip…doesn’t swivel, it just unscrews and drops your shiny new phone in the floor. The headset plug is recessed, so you can only use the included white burrowing slugs that make my ear hurt. Good news though, there’s an adapter (more $$$) that will let you use anything you want, including my favorite Shure brand.

The phone itself is slick. There’s just way too many cool things about it, and since everybody else brags, I’ll say its mostly good geeky stuff. The myspace video of the dancing gay-boy in training won’t load (check myspace at but overall the important stuff on the web does. The caller ID goes out and does a lookup on prefixes and along with ‘Unidentified Caller’ you get a city and state. That’s just kewl. And hacking the phone…I don’t want to get rid of AT&T, so it was easy to hack. Now I can play Nintendo Rom’s on there. /drool as I hum along to Super Mario Bros. For the Geeks: There’s a pared down Stumbler app for the WiFi. Handy. I’ve used it twice for work.

Overall: get one of those clear protective screens. Its going to get fingerprints all over it cause you have to show it off, and somebody else is likely to splatter gooey happiness all over it. C’mon, the new ones won’t be out until next Christmas anyway, and by then the new will be worn off 🙂


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