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August 29, 2008

I hate catchup

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Well, I mean catching up…from a busy month of work, a week of vacation, personal shit that I still haven’t gotten done, you name it. Its been so damn long since I blogged! But I also don’t like catsup. Ketchup. That damn condiment can’t even pick a name. Mustard is so much better. Or Ranch dressing……Ummmmmmmmm. Raaaaannnnnnccccchhhhh. Anyhow, lookup the history of catsup sometime. Weird.

I’ll be catching up soon though.


July 2, 2008

Fair Food

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Newsweek has just released a short post about the Most Unhealthy Carnival Foods. Check it here.

I’m a bit miffed. I looooove me some carnival foods. I think about it for weeks before I go to the fair. I think its mostly because the fair is always around my birthday, and the two things both caused lots of excitment when I was a kid. These days I just mentally prepare myself for one small aortic blockage a year.

May 18, 2008


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I’ve always had a real interest in fairs, carnivals, and the like. Probably because my birthday is in late September, and as a kid we always went to the county fair, which was a BIG event in a small rural town. So when I ran across this little gem of a page, I thought it was pretty interesting. And of course, slang, cants, and the like have always interested me as well, so a few things popped out at me. Taken from the following page:

Beans, or Beanies — Amphetamines ("stay awake for days" pills), often found in truck cabs during jumps, right next to the bulk package of condoms. Invaluable when you have to take down a ferris wheel late at night after closing and then drive all night and all the next day. Captain Don Leslie, interviewed for the Sideshow Central website in 2004, said that one-day stands with the circus were particularly taxing: "You were working 18 or 22 hours a day, you can’t keep that f'n pace up very long. At night, when you’d go to the office, they’d give you an envelope with gas money for the truck and there’d be speed in there. The show gave them to you, so you wouldn’t wreck their f'n trucks."
Cake Eaters — Locals, rubes.

Cake Cutting — Short-changing.
Carny Marriage —A Carny marriage is a couple that live together but have not engaged in any legalized ceremonies. The sign that they are "married" in the eyes of their fellows is a ride once around on the carousel or ferris wheel; a divorce is less formal, sometimes with a ride turning in the other direction, but more often at the end of the season or when both parties just say "to hell with it."
Chester — A child molester. A carny might be more likely to notice someone's undue interest in and behavior toward children because he is always observing the behavior of individuals in the crowd, and because venues like a carnival, where there are a lot of children and more than the usual chaos, tend to attract such predators.
Donniker — A rest room or toilet. Possibly derived from the need to pull down one's knickers in the outhouse. In Australian slang today, an outhouse is a "dunny".
Geek — An unskilled performer whose performance consists of shocking, repulsive and repugnant acts. This "lowest of the low" member of the carny trade would commonly bite the head off a living chicken, or sit in a bed of snakes. Some historians distinguish between "geeks" who pretend to be wild men, and "glomming geeks" whose act includes eating disgusting things. See the 1949 movie "Nightmare Alley" for a good geek story as well as for an excellent depiction of the mentalist’s technique

Half-and-Half — A hermaphrodite, a very valuable blowoff attraction often forbidden by local authorities. Some were real freaks, others were “made” by (at the least) shaving and making up one side of the body, or by the use of hormones to grow breasts so a performer born male could also display his upper “female” half. “Now folks, behind this curtain you are going to see the most bizarre attraction you have ever seen — and I’m going to introduce her to you all right now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Albert-Alberta. This beautiful lady is our star attraction, but she is so unusual we are banned from advertising her on the outside. And since she is not advertised on the outside, she is not included in your general admission ticket, there is an extra charge for what you are about to see. We make no apology for this policy, because when Albert-Alberta goes behind this curtain, and you go with her, you are going to view her entire body, and you will plainly see that she is, in fact, a hermaphrodite. You’ve heard your neighbors talking about the half man/half woman, but Albert-Alberta is not half man/half woman … she is all man and all woman. You will see her body in its entirety, as bare as my right hand that you see before you right here. Now you must be between 18 and 80 years old to enter, because if you’re under 18 you wouldn’t understand it, and if you’re over 80 you couldn’t stand it. When you enter I want you to go right up to the edge of the stage. Get as close as you can so that you can see Albert-Alberta’s body in every detail as she displays herself to you, unadorned, unashamed, unlike anything you have ever seen before. The fee for this attraction is 25 cents, it’s time to go in right now. And those of you who are under 18 years of age, please step down to the other end of the tent where you will be entertained by our magician on the main stage.”
And on and on…. check the link above for a LONG list of carny lingo.

April 22, 2008

I’ve never had the munchies for Pizza

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But after reading this story, I might get them both at the same time. Well, maybe not…cause this is where I live, and its probably the last ‘green pizza’ you can get in town. Please note the day (well, a few days short of the ideal date) and the time (4:20 pm). I’m guessing they didn’t want to wait until 4/20 to make the arrest cause the manager would have called in sick 😉

Authorities: Pizza Joint Sold Pot
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 9:28 AM CDT


The manager of a Fort Smith Pizza Hut is accused of peddling marijuana from the restaurant’s drive-through window.

Aaron Massey, 28, was arrested at Pizza Hut, 1813 Grand Ave., Friday after Fort Smith and state authorities searched the pizza place and located several hundred dollars worth of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to a news release issued by Sgt. Jarrard Copeland, public information officer with the Fort Smith Police Department.

Narcotics officers with the Police Department began investigating the goings-on at Pizza Hut after receiving information that several employees of the restaurant had been smoking marijuana in the business and the manager, Massey, was not only smoking marijuana, but dealing it from the drive-through window, according to the news release.

“We don’t know how long he’s been doing it,” Copeland said in a telephone interview. “Probably quite a while because we got several calls.”

Members of the Police Department’s Narcotics Unit assisted Arkansas Beverage Control Agent J.C. Rider in an inspection of the restaurant at around 4:20 p.m., according to Copeland.

A search of the restaurant yielded approximately six ounces of marijuana, a street value of $720, and a set of digital scales.

“These items were located in the manager’s office, inside a black NPC briefcase bag which had the name ‘Aaron’ on it,” Copeland stated in the release.

It is believed, Copeland said, that marijuana is the only narcotic Massey had been selling from Pizza Hut.

As the investigation continues, more arrests will likely be made, Copeland said.

February 13, 2008

Fort Chaffee Fire Pics

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Well, its been busy lately and I haven’t been able to blog much.

But these photos are cool, and the son of a co-worker snuck into a very dangerous area to take them. Here’s some info about the Fort, and the fire taken from KTHV’s website.

Officials: Fort Chaffee Fire Accidental

Sebastian County officials say a fire that destroyed 150 vacant World War II-era barracks and warehouses at the old Fort Chaffee army post started accidentally.

Sebastian County Judge David Hudson said witness interviews and burn patterns from the Wednesday morning fire showed the blaze wasn’t intentionally set as initially suspected. Investigators said the fire likely started after high winds knocked down a power line.

The army post was deactivated and turned over to the Arkansas National Guard in the 1990s and about 6,000 acres was declared surplus for private development. The fire occurred on the surplus property.

February 7, 2008


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I’m really not sure what think about this site. I guess I came to the hard realization, I think douchebags can be hot. But seriously, some people have weird hobbies.

On the other hand, web voyeurism isn’t any different than staking out a good table in the mall food court, and watching the hotties bounce back and forth between Hot Topics and the Orange Julius. Its just graduated a bit; so now you sit on myspace checking our your friends pages JUST to see if they have any friends you might think are hotter than them.

February 4, 2008

Friends. I have them.

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Well, after this weekends party I realize I have a lot of good friends. I was a bit dissappointed at the behavior of some of my friends, but it only highlights the respectful friends I have who are such a great part of my life.

Thanks to everybody who came by. I love you all, and having your around after Randell heads off to the big city to find his way means the world to me.

January 23, 2008

Two kinds of yummy nerdiness

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I love it. You could buy me one, but I’m not really a Hero. I photoshop on easy mode.

Photoshop Hero

January 21, 2008

Sensual Seduction?

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First, a mini-rant. Why can’t MTV actually play music videos anymore? When did MTV2 suffer the same fate of bland reality show reruns. Is it Tila Tequila’s fault? Damn her and that somehow alluring Shot at Love!! The reason for this rant…I turned on the tv this morning and wanted some music while I got dressed. No luck on MTV, no luck on MTV2. Gee, MTV2 usually has morning videos at least I think. So I check the DVR schedule to see how long before I might want to get Music, on my TeleVision. Apparently, its 3 am. With Headbangers Ball. 😦

So I make sure nobody is looking, gag a bit, and switch over to VH1. Just to see if they have music. Cause VH1 was never as cool as MTV…..guess what!?!? Music!? Well, sorta. They were playing this video by Snoop Dogg. Then I had to do some research to figure out WTF that tube was in his mouth. Its a talkbox (google it, kinda interesting). Anyhow, I’m not going to say much about the video, just watch it.


December 27, 2007

Biogenetics at work

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I’ve always been a bit excited about the possibilities that we have for genetic modification of the plants and animals around us. Ethics aside (yes, it is playing God on such a level it raises a lot of questions); there’s just so much of a possibility that we can enrich the ecosystem in a good way. This article brings up some very very interesting developments, most of which missed the mainstream news. Glow in the dark glo-fish did hit the news a few years back, and I even had some of them. Did the news get plastered around because it was relatively inoffensive? What about when people read about cloning cats, growing insulin in lettuce, or other drugs in mushrooms? Yeah yeah, there’s already drugs in mushrooms. But what about cooking up a pizza that can lower my cholesterol?

For a look to the future…well, I remembered reading a sci-fi series waaaay back in my youth. In this future, even the vehicles were modified animals…enormous turtles, beetles, dragonflies and the like, with hollow bodies for people to ride in. The cops mainly flew in birds of preys (Sparrowhawks I believe). One of the biggest things I remember were Potsters…hybridized potatoes that when baked, had lobster meat inside. Potato-Lobsters. Potsters. How silly. Or maybe not so far off…

Here’s a part of the storyline that I found out there googling for potsters. Give it a read. 

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