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October 3, 2008

Nothing says Happy Birthday like shiny new tech

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For a birthday somebody very dear to my heart gave me a new 3G iphone. Since I already had the first gen phone, I very nearly turned them down, but some crappy phone connections that weekend made me stop by the AT&T store to pick up a new one.  So I’ve been using it about 3 or 4 days, and I already have my impressions

1) It was worth the upgrade, but I wouldn’t have spent my own money on it.
The external speaker is MUCH louder. Ringtones actually get my attention now, and I have to turn the speakers down when listening to iTunes without my headphones. The headphone jack plugs into everything wthout an adapter. Call quality is better (marginally) and the 3G network downloads apps/internet faster. But, I’m almost always around a Wifi, so that’s not a big difference.

2) The bastards at Apple need to learn to be backwards compatible.
The cables I’ve had forever for my old iPod and 1G phone won’t work to charge the new phone. Some do seem to work, so I’m not sure what all works and what doesn’t, to be honest. I have a mix of new, old, and old old cables. My Apple Hi Fi will play music, but not charge the new phone. That irks me, a lot.

Otherwise, not much difference. Oh yeah, there’s more storage, but I keep my itunes pretty lean. I still love the iPhone itself though, and I’m glad to have my 1G phone around for a backup.


October 1, 2008

You say potatoe, I say Audacity

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I saw this video for making ringtones from within Itunes itself, and I thought it was interesting. I don’t do it that way, I downloaded a small piece of software called Audacity (which is great, but required a little tweaking to save files as Mp3s).  But this is a good start for less technosavy peoples. If you want Audacity tips, get ahold of me.

August 30, 2008


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Most of my friends have a bad habit of going ‘what’s that song, that goes MmmMmmmm Mmmmm mmmmm?’ I’ve finally found the website for them, and its called Midomi. ( It lets you sing or hum a few bars and hopefully it can use a computer that doesn’t have any ears, which could bleed and mess up the search. Then it returns some likely searches. For PC’s, you need to have a microphone.

Midomi also has a pretty sweet app for the iPhone, if you’re that nerdy trendy to have one. Give it a try. Shazaam is also good, but you can’t talk, sing or hum to it. Just cup its balls gently for giving such sweet service.

Personally, I use these apps to make a note of music I hear on the radio or in someone elses car, even at a club. Since the app tags it, I just go through my phone when I get home and download it for free shell out hard cold cash to the online stores.

July 23, 2008


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Well the iPhone software has been out almost two weeks now. And I haven’t blogged about it yet, why? because Wordpreas just got their app online so I could do it from the phone. Woot!
Expect new blog post from
the bathroom daily.

March 18, 2008

iPhone 2.0

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So, if you have an iphone, or a crackberry, or you support IT to any level of geekiness, you may want to google ‘iphone 2.0’. Supposedly, the next major version will support Exchange via ActiveSync. Yeah, I think. I’m really not sure I want my work email on my iphone. I mean, I have a blackberry now, and the great thing about it is HIDING it when I don’t want to be bothered by work, or I don’t want my trick to know I have a real job.

Other features: VPN support (so you can hookup back to the office, again), mass deletion of email (goodbye spam) AND increased support for the Software Developer Kit (hello third party apps).

February 4, 2008

I like my tunes like my boys…Fiiiine.

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Well, it doesn’t make a lot of sense as a headline, but I try to be clever. This site claims to be ‘the mix tape, evolved’, but in reality it just lets you put some songs in a playlist, and then listen to them from your Wii when you get back home. Handy if you have one of the hard to find Wii’s, and have it on your wireless network; but you can’t seem to afford or find one of those archaic things called FM Radios. I’ve done a few, it works pretty well. I think they even work pretty decently through the iPhone, if you wanted to listen a friends ‘mix tape’ instead of your own, I guess. 

November 7, 2007

iPhone 1.1.1

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So sometime in the last week I finally got around to updating my iPhone, then putting the creamy goodness of 3rd party apps back inside the shiny Twinky exterior. Some of my favorite apps: NES (An old school Nintendo emulator), Stumbler (wifi detector), LightsOut (a game) and TTR (Tap Tap Revolution). VNSea is also a nifty geek toy for the iPhone.

If you’re wanting to try your hand at hacking your iPhone, check out for their forums, and get more info.

October 9, 2007

Latest Geek Toy

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So, what does a geek do when he has a bad week, his birthday rolled in, and Apple drops the price on the iPhone 200 bucks? You guessed it…he finally caves in and buys an iPhone. I decided to wait a while to blog about it, and was kind of busy last week (work trip to Alabama? Not so fun).

So I’ve had it two weeks now. What do I think? The accessories kinda suck…cases are expensive and low quality. Cingular let me exchange the case-mate brand I bought, which broke in 3 days. DON’T BUY IT. The swivel clip…doesn’t swivel, it just unscrews and drops your shiny new phone in the floor. The headset plug is recessed, so you can only use the included white burrowing slugs that make my ear hurt. Good news though, there’s an adapter (more $$$) that will let you use anything you want, including my favorite Shure brand.

The phone itself is slick. There’s just way too many cool things about it, and since everybody else brags, I’ll say its mostly good geeky stuff. The myspace video of the dancing gay-boy in training won’t load (check myspace at but overall the important stuff on the web does. The caller ID goes out and does a lookup on prefixes and along with ‘Unidentified Caller’ you get a city and state. That’s just kewl. And hacking the phone…I don’t want to get rid of AT&T, so it was easy to hack. Now I can play Nintendo Rom’s on there. /drool as I hum along to Super Mario Bros. For the Geeks: There’s a pared down Stumbler app for the WiFi. Handy. I’ve used it twice for work.

Overall: get one of those clear protective screens. Its going to get fingerprints all over it cause you have to show it off, and somebody else is likely to splatter gooey happiness all over it. C’mon, the new ones won’t be out until next Christmas anyway, and by then the new will be worn off 🙂

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