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February 7, 2009

L33T Speak FTW

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Totally geeky, totally useless…someone should get this for me as a present.  What’s truly geeky, the manual is printed on an IBM punch card. To be used instead of Scrabble tiles.


February 6, 2009


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Wow, what a long absence of blogging. Anyhow, I’m back, with some eye candy. If you’re not familiar with Steampunk (and everybody should be, honestly!) head over to wikipedia. .

After that, check out; which defines itself as ‘Technical Art and Steampunk Contraptions’. He has some very interesting steampunk keyboards for sale, and some awesome examples of scanners disguised as books, clockwork laptops and the like. Definitely check it out at .

Computational Engine

Computational Engine

October 3, 2008

Nothing says Happy Birthday like shiny new tech

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For a birthday somebody very dear to my heart gave me a new 3G iphone. Since I already had the first gen phone, I very nearly turned them down, but some crappy phone connections that weekend made me stop by the AT&T store to pick up a new one.  So I’ve been using it about 3 or 4 days, and I already have my impressions

1) It was worth the upgrade, but I wouldn’t have spent my own money on it.
The external speaker is MUCH louder. Ringtones actually get my attention now, and I have to turn the speakers down when listening to iTunes without my headphones. The headphone jack plugs into everything wthout an adapter. Call quality is better (marginally) and the 3G network downloads apps/internet faster. But, I’m almost always around a Wifi, so that’s not a big difference.

2) The bastards at Apple need to learn to be backwards compatible.
The cables I’ve had forever for my old iPod and 1G phone won’t work to charge the new phone. Some do seem to work, so I’m not sure what all works and what doesn’t, to be honest. I have a mix of new, old, and old old cables. My Apple Hi Fi will play music, but not charge the new phone. That irks me, a lot.

Otherwise, not much difference. Oh yeah, there’s more storage, but I keep my itunes pretty lean. I still love the iPhone itself though, and I’m glad to have my 1G phone around for a backup.

September 28, 2008

Oh No You…Did

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So, I think everybody who watches the same tv shows I watch has heard the ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ soundtrack to Mercenaries 2. But did you know they now have a full version of the song available on iTunes? I bet you didn’t (oh no you didn’t!). What once was a lovable 30 second clip now runs nearly 3 minutes, for only 99 pennies. So pay them (or they’ll bust a cap in your ass).

Oh yeah, what’s great about this is the Wojahn Brothers composed this song, and they also did the memorable Fruit of the Loom commercials (Blue and The Apple of My Eye). Check them out on YouTube or Myspace (just search for Wojahn). If you like cute bois, check out ‘Gabe’ who helps the acoustic version in Episode 1 of their YouTube videos.

August 30, 2008


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Most of my friends have a bad habit of going ‘what’s that song, that goes MmmMmmmm Mmmmm mmmmm?’ I’ve finally found the website for them, and its called Midomi. ( It lets you sing or hum a few bars and hopefully it can use a computer that doesn’t have any ears, which could bleed and mess up the search. Then it returns some likely searches. For PC’s, you need to have a microphone.

Midomi also has a pretty sweet app for the iPhone, if you’re that nerdy trendy to have one. Give it a try. Shazaam is also good, but you can’t talk, sing or hum to it. Just cup its balls gently for giving such sweet service.

Personally, I use these apps to make a note of music I hear on the radio or in someone elses car, even at a club. Since the app tags it, I just go through my phone when I get home and download it for free shell out hard cold cash to the online stores.

July 29, 2008

I’m going to hell. So Chill.

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I make my friends watch this video, and I laugh hysterically every time. I’m not totally evil, its just something about her saying ‘Chiiiillll’ that makes the video in my mind go ‘chilll naga, chillll!’. And sometimes we all just need to chill.

This is actually Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995. She was our first disabled Miss America, and she has quite an impressive story on her website,

June 18, 2008

Harry Potter-y

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For you Potter loves out there, this is for you.

June 11, 2008


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So if you’re reading this blog, you’re either some form of Nerd or Geek or Gamer. (You could be a teenager looking for Bloody Mary pics, but that’s another post). I’ll jump on another assumption, and say you’re using Firefox as your web browser (if you’re not, shame on you!). You -should- be using the Search bar, and hopefully you have a few search engines installed (besides Google, there’s IMBD, Thottbot, Flickr, Ebay, Wikipedia,  Amazon, the list goes on and on). Then along comes YubNub.

Yubnub (which means freedom in the language of the Ewok’s on the Moons of Endor) allows you to create your own command lines for searching. That sounds clunky (who likes to type?) but its really quite ingenious. You add the YubNub search engine to your bar, and make it default. Now you can use it just like a search engine. No brainer. But, it comes with builtin command lines. Say I’m searching for martinis.

BIG TIP: Hitting Ctrl-K throws your mouse up into the search bar. Less typing, no grabbing the mouse. Wondermous!

So if I type:

martini – I get a search on my default engine
g martin- searches google for martini
y martini – searches yahoo for martini
imdb martini – searches imbd for martini
flint martini – searches FLickr for the most INTeresting photos with martini
wp martini – searches wikipedia for martini
yt martini – searches for Youtube martini videos

And never once did I have to click around, find and change a drop down list, or fuss with anything but typing real quick. It takes about 59 seconds to install and get used to it. Options for command line get a lot more interesting, there are literally thousands of command line options; and you can even create your own. Go wild.

Full details/HowTo here:

June 10, 2008

Good pudding.

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Whee, ‘The Guild’ has posted their 10th regular episode; and has downed their first boss. Their homepage is here. They are a web video/group, based on a fictional World of Warcraft guild, dealing with their real life issues. Its funny if you only know a little bit about WoW, but hilarious if you play. Clara’s mothering instinct is totally hilarious, btw. You may recognize Codex from her recent Cheetoh commercials, and Bladezz is HAWT.

Episode 1:

June 6, 2008

We have wormsign!

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OK, I couldn’t help but steal the tagline from this article (reposted below). But it was a good line. I’m excited about the prospect of the film, but I think I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t “new” material. The Sci-Fi channel remake in the miniseries was pretty damn good, but I don’t want to see a third re-hash of the novel. But there’s SO much lore, story, and existing books out there they could definitely start up a Lord of the Rings-esque Trilogy.

Oh, and if you like the art, click it and follow the link. Dune Animated Series? Awesome? Did Jefe just wet himself again?

Scribe in talks for “Dune” resurrection

By Jay A. Fernandez Fri Jun 6, 7:55 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter)- We have wormsign.

Rookie scribe Josh Zetumer is in negotiations to write the latest incarnation of “Dune,” Frank Herbert‘s sprawling sci-fi epic, for Paramount Pictures.

The award-winning 1965 novel — the first in a series of six books about a futuristic struggle for control of a precious spice called Melange on the desert planet Arrakis — was first adapted by David Lynch into a financially and critically disastrous 1984 film (though Herbert apparently liked it). It also was turned into a more successful Sci Fi Channel miniseries in 2000.

No one involved would comment on Zetumer’s take on the “Dune” saga.

Herbert’s son, Brian, and Kevin J. Anderson, who have co-written several additional “Dune” novels, will co-produce. Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights”) is attached to direct.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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