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September 28, 2008

Oh No You…Did

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So, I think everybody who watches the same tv shows I watch has heard the ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ soundtrack to Mercenaries 2. But did you know they now have a full version of the song available on iTunes? I bet you didn’t (oh no you didn’t!). What once was a lovable 30 second clip now runs nearly 3 minutes, for only 99 pennies. So pay them (or they’ll bust a cap in your ass).

Oh yeah, what’s great about this is the Wojahn Brothers composed this song, and they also did the memorable Fruit of the Loom commercials (Blue and The Apple of My Eye). Check them out on YouTube or Myspace (just search for Wojahn). If you like cute bois, check out ‘Gabe’ who helps the acoustic version in Episode 1 of their YouTube videos.


November 26, 2007

Band Practice

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So I’ve had a busy month. A holiday, work on the house, and Guitar Hero III came out AND Rock Band was released! What’s a Digitalboy to do…

And I’m sure you’re asking yourself (who wouldn’t), how do GH III and Rock Band compare? They’re pretty similar…playing the guitar and bass tracks will be almost identical, with the exception of songs. GH has more classic rock; Rock Band has a lot more Weezer, The Killers, along with some of the classics. I feel that Guitar Hero is better for solo play, and Rock Band is more fun with a group of people. So if you have Nerd Night with all your friends over, you’ll be busting out the drums for Rock Band (and maybe the mic, if you can get someone drunk enough to Karaoke). Rock Band DOES rock out on the customizations…you can make your own individual rocker, pick his/her hairstyle and colors, wardrobe, and even design his own tats. Pretty frickin’ awesome.

October 22, 2007

Geetar Hero

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Guitar Hero III

So very soon I guess I have an important decision…which platform do I buy the latest installment of Guitar Hero on? Will it be the Wii (and buy new guitars), the Xbox360 (I have two guitars) or the PS2 (really no reason to use that one, though I have a guitar for it too).


I’ve heard a nasty rumor that each one will have its own unlockable secrets and characters. I guess I’ll be the XBox fanboy. Though the Wii might be cool if they do something real nifty with the controller.

And then there’s the decision to make when Rock Band comes out. Oh noes!

Guitar Hero III releases Sunday, the 28th. Guess you know what I’ll be doing Sunday afternoon. Monday morning my fingers will be sore from the whammy bar.

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