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September 28, 2008

Oh No You…Did

Filed under: Gay, General Geek, XBox 360 — digitalboy75 @ 2:46 pm

So, I think everybody who watches the same tv shows I watch has heard the ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ soundtrack to Mercenaries 2. But did you know they now have a full version of the song available on iTunes? I bet you didn’t (oh no you didn’t!). What once was a lovable 30 second clip now runs nearly 3 minutes, for only 99 pennies. So pay them (or they’ll bust a cap in your ass).

Oh yeah, what’s great about this is the Wojahn Brothers composed this song, and they also did the memorable Fruit of the Loom commercials (Blue and The Apple of My Eye). Check them out on YouTube or Myspace (just search for Wojahn). If you like cute bois, check out ‘Gabe’ who helps the acoustic version in Episode 1 of their YouTube videos.


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