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August 30, 2008


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Most of my friends have a bad habit of going ‘what’s that song, that goes MmmMmmmm Mmmmm mmmmm?’ I’ve finally found the website for them, and its called Midomi. ( It lets you sing or hum a few bars and hopefully it can use a computer that doesn’t have any ears, which could bleed and mess up the search. Then it returns some likely searches. For PC’s, you need to have a microphone.

Midomi also has a pretty sweet app for the iPhone, if you’re that nerdy trendy to have one. Give it a try. Shazaam is also good, but you can’t talk, sing or hum to it. Just cup its balls gently for giving such sweet service.

Personally, I use these apps to make a note of music I hear on the radio or in someone elses car, even at a club. Since the app tags it, I just go through my phone when I get home and download it for free shell out hard cold cash to the online stores.


August 29, 2008

I hate catchup

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Well, I mean catching up…from a busy month of work, a week of vacation, personal shit that I still haven’t gotten done, you name it. Its been so damn long since I blogged! But I also don’t like catsup. Ketchup. That damn condiment can’t even pick a name. Mustard is so much better. Or Ranch dressing……Ummmmmmmmm. Raaaaannnnnnccccchhhhh. Anyhow, lookup the history of catsup sometime. Weird.

I’ll be catching up soon though.

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