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July 29, 2008

I’m going to hell. So Chill.

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I make my friends watch this video, and I laugh hysterically every time. I’m not totally evil, its just something about her saying ‘Chiiiillll’ that makes the video in my mind go ‘chilll naga, chillll!’. And sometimes we all just need to chill.

This is actually Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995. She was our first disabled Miss America, and she has quite an impressive story on her website,


July 24, 2008

He’s not much a bear, that Bear

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Something kind of triggered my mind the other day, and I flashed to how my gaydar totally pings on Bear Grylls, from Man vs Wild. Sure, he’s married and has two kids (Jesse and Marmaduke. Who names their kid Marmaduke? Oh wait, somebody named Bear!). But he’s somewhat hot, and I think all the ladies like him. I did a quick search for images on him…Wow, he sure poses like a homo. Check more of him at:

July 23, 2008


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Well the iPhone software has been out almost two weeks now. And I haven’t blogged about it yet, why? because Wordpreas just got their app online so I could do it from the phone. Woot!
Expect new blog post from
the bathroom daily.

July 2, 2008

Fair Food

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Newsweek has just released a short post about the Most Unhealthy Carnival Foods. Check it here.

I’m a bit miffed. I looooove me some carnival foods. I think about it for weeks before I go to the fair. I think its mostly because the fair is always around my birthday, and the two things both caused lots of excitment when I was a kid. These days I just mentally prepare myself for one small aortic blockage a year.

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