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June 11, 2008


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So if you’re reading this blog, you’re either some form of Nerd or Geek or Gamer. (You could be a teenager looking for Bloody Mary pics, but that’s another post). I’ll jump on another assumption, and say you’re using Firefox as your web browser (if you’re not, shame on you!). You -should- be using the Search bar, and hopefully you have a few search engines installed (besides Google, there’s IMBD, Thottbot, Flickr, Ebay, Wikipedia,  Amazon, the list goes on and on). Then along comes YubNub.

Yubnub (which means freedom in the language of the Ewok’s on the Moons of Endor) allows you to create your own command lines for searching. That sounds clunky (who likes to type?) but its really quite ingenious. You add the YubNub search engine to your bar, and make it default. Now you can use it just like a search engine. No brainer. But, it comes with builtin command lines. Say I’m searching for martinis.

BIG TIP: Hitting Ctrl-K throws your mouse up into the search bar. Less typing, no grabbing the mouse. Wondermous!

So if I type:

martini – I get a search on my default engine
g martin- searches google for martini
y martini – searches yahoo for martini
imdb martini – searches imbd for martini
flint martini – searches FLickr for the most INTeresting photos with martini
wp martini – searches wikipedia for martini
yt martini – searches for Youtube martini videos

And never once did I have to click around, find and change a drop down list, or fuss with anything but typing real quick. It takes about 59 seconds to install and get used to it. Options for command line get a lot more interesting, there are literally thousands of command line options; and you can even create your own. Go wild.

Full details/HowTo here:


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