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May 22, 2008

The Antikythera Mechanism

Filed under: General Geek — digitalboy75 @ 1:54 pm

So maybe I’m a bit nerdy, but when I found this article on Wikipedia about ‘the first analog computer’, I was a bit impressed. But when you read through and realize that a device was constructed 100 years before Jesus was born, and it did the math to compute the locations of the sun, moon, moon phase, and 5 planets besides Earth…that’s just amazing. And it came with documentation…over 3000 characters inscribed on the device which are an obvious manual after translation. Simply amazing.

Which is why some people think it may have been given to someone in the culture as a ‘gift’…aka aliens dropping off a little gizmo much like you would give a whistle to some third world kid to play with.


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