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March 21, 2008


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Smash BrosSo last night ‘the nerds’ and I got together for a little Smash Bros (Officially named Super Smash Bros. Brawl, aka Smash Bros or Brawl. SSBB sounds a bit harsh) Brawl. Two of us have never really played the previous incarnations of the game, and two of us had a little experience with it. I was one of the inexperienced, but I had a chance to read up on the manual, look on the web a bit, and run through the solo game for an hour or so last week. Anyhow, we jumped into a 4 player chaotic brawl, and tried to teach the total newb how to play. I think he liked it, but it was a steep learning curve, and his main problem was keeping track of his character on the screen.

It does get overly chaotic with four players, and you really need a good sized TV to play on. But it was a fun game that none of us really wanted to put down even after a few hours of button mashing and cramped thumbs from using the nunchuck (or maybe it should be the numbchuck). We tried out lots of characters (though I liked Pit the best, he’s yummy). Definitely worth picking up on the next game store trip, IMO.

Things I liked: The stages you play on are based on the various games. For instance, Pit’s level is a cloud level from Kid Icarus; there’s a Mario Cart stage where if you stand on the track you can be run over, and Mario’s level has mushrooms and plumber pipes. The music also changes for the stages, so if you were dying for classic Zelda or Mario music, have at it! There are also lots of unlockables to bring back those retro memories. Items drop from the sky that give you special abilities for limited time; so you get Star Power, a Dragoon ship/gun, Heart Containers, Poke Balls, etc.

If you grew up playing Nintendo at all (and who didn’t, seriously), your nostalgia alone should make you buy this game.


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  1. Numbchuck for the lose! Bubbling becomes a very conscious decision.

    “Oh noes I need to bubble, but it hurts QQ”

    Comment by Sakk — March 21, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

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