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March 15, 2008

Deeper into the South

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So I’m exploring southern Alabama this week as part of a work trip. Well, not exploring so much as realizing Arkansas is Southern, but Alabama is really Southern. With extra -ern. Example: a roadside billboard blocking the view of a really pretty pond, that says ‘Go to Church, or the Devil will GET you’. Note: the Devil has a scythe, not a pitchfork. Crazy Alabamans. Example 2: Sitting in the Chinese buffet restaurant, and hearing the rednecks behind me read out loud their lucky numbers, taking turns to go around the table. Yes, their lucky numbers. Interesting stuff. (And why is it every small rural town has at least one Chinese buffet, sometimes two? Where do they find 10 freshly imported asian girls with minimal Engrish skills to come refill my drink? Seriously, I don’t think we had an asian person in my COUNTY growing up, but suddenly there are enough to stock the regional broccoli chicken business. Except for the kitchens, were all the Chinese food is cooked by Mexicans. But I digress).

Anyhow, its still a culture shock for me the deeper I go into the South. The stereotypes you see on tv get more and more common, on both sides of the racial divide. Fried chicken restaurants pop up everywhere. The courthouse square had a church sponsored childrens carnival, and farther down the street they were giving out Free bottled Water (Jesus is the Water of Life); and cubicle walls are cluttered with prayers, psalms, and words of praise.



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