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March 13, 2008

Spectral Safari

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Back on the 1st of March, some friends and I squeezed into my car (really, squeezed. I drive a Mini-cooper) and head off on a 2 hour road trip to Tulsa. OK, I drive way over the limit, so it was closer to an hour and a half. Anyhow…what did we go for you might ask? Well, Upperdeck Entertainment sells this nifty collectible card game called ‘World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game’ (WOW:TCG). I first bought my friends a starter deck as their Chrismas present a few years back, and we’ve played off and on. So we thought it would be a blast to go play in a tournament. Well, not really…but they were giving away a Spectral Tiger Loot card to the winner, and odds were decent on getting the prize, right?

If you’re not familiar with the Spectral Kitty, google it. So, this was the deal: we paid 20 bucks for a March of the Legion starter box, which is only 4 bucks markup. We played a sealed deck tournament, which means you were pretty much guaranteed to be playing with the constructed deck you got randomly. Seems fair, but some of those decks just kick ass in a 1 on 1, and some suck ass. Draenei Shaman, for example: Suckage.  So none of us placed in the top 8, or won any cards. The shop was really cool (Remind me to get the info later or comment if you want it); and they had the WOW:TCG going the same time as a Star Wars Mini, Pokemon, and some other kiddie card game. Pretty chaotic, FULL of nerds and nerdlings, and even a few cute guys. OK, so my friends had fun watching me try to cruise the gay geeks, or the curious straight boys. They were a bit embarrassed; but as I explained, most geeks are blissfully unaware of being cruised (as are straight boys most of the time). Anyhow, I lost at least one match because the fag hag I was playing had her pet homo perched on her shoulder, and everytime I looked up all I could see was his male camel toe. Seriously.

Anyhow, me and my friends had a good time convincing ourselves we weren’t as bad as THOSE nerds were; glad we weren’t the oldest nerds in attendance, definitely the best smelling, and we didn’t have a hissy fit whenever we lost. We’ll probably go back again. Its almost as much fun as the RenFaire! (minus the tights).


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