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January 30, 2008

Ah, the good old days.

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January 26, 2008

What can I say

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Smart fish?

January 23, 2008

Comic books? World of Warcraft?

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Not geeky at all. But a web comic that combines them…now that’s an oreo filled with creamy nerdness (double-stuffed!!) 

Yeah, so

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I’m a bit geeky. Enough that I know some kind of trivia about video games I don’t play. Portal is the game I don’t play. Jonathan Coulton is a …well…an artist/songwriter(?) who does such popular tunes as ‘Re: Your Brains’ and ‘Code Monkey’. Oh yeah, and he did the soundtrack for Portal. How geeky.

Click the links for the game info, the ability to preview/purchase his songs. If you want a link for the  references to my trivia, google it your own damn self!

Two kinds of yummy nerdiness

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I love it. You could buy me one, but I’m not really a Hero. I photoshop on easy mode.

Photoshop Hero


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I called my mom last night and I was like “guess what”, and she was like “what” and I said “I’m a monster, RAWR!”

January 22, 2008

Vote for Jesus

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(and Betty). 

January 21, 2008

Sensual Seduction?

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First, a mini-rant. Why can’t MTV actually play music videos anymore? When did MTV2 suffer the same fate of bland reality show reruns. Is it Tila Tequila’s fault? Damn her and that somehow alluring Shot at Love!! The reason for this rant…I turned on the tv this morning and wanted some music while I got dressed. No luck on MTV, no luck on MTV2. Gee, MTV2 usually has morning videos at least I think. So I check the DVR schedule to see how long before I might want to get Music, on my TeleVision. Apparently, its 3 am. With Headbangers Ball. 😦

So I make sure nobody is looking, gag a bit, and switch over to VH1. Just to see if they have music. Cause VH1 was never as cool as MTV…..guess what!?!? Music!? Well, sorta. They were playing this video by Snoop Dogg. Then I had to do some research to figure out WTF that tube was in his mouth. Its a talkbox (google it, kinda interesting). Anyhow, I’m not going to say much about the video, just watch it.


The Golden Rule

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 Well, I don’t play many online games other than World of Warcraft, but these rules seem to be pretty universal. These are, the Golden Rules of Online Gaming.

To quote one of them that does sorta of apply to me sometimes:

5: If you are losing, it is because of lag:

Following on from the cheapness laws, you will soon get to learn that nothing is ever your fault when it comes to gaming. Lag is a process whereby everyone in the game becomes better than you thanks to the Internet helping them become cheap. The Internet does this a lot, but never affects the enemies you kill yourself, because you have skills.

Nearly every death you ever suffer in a game will be due to lag of some kind. The Internet hates you that much, even though you are so good.

I don’t blame things on lag much, but I have lots of other options. Lately its the cat attacking my lap, the headset cord, and sometimes the keyboard. He seems to like watching me kill Fire Elementals though.

January 20, 2008

Silvermoon City anyone?

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A guildie sent me this link…everyone should watch it.


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