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December 27, 2007

Biogenetics at work

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I’ve always been a bit excited about the possibilities that we have for genetic modification of the plants and animals around us. Ethics aside (yes, it is playing God on such a level it raises a lot of questions); there’s just so much of a possibility that we can enrich the ecosystem in a good way. This article brings up some very very interesting developments, most of which missed the mainstream news. Glow in the dark glo-fish did hit the news a few years back, and I even had some of them. Did the news get plastered around because it was relatively inoffensive? What about when people read about cloning cats, growing insulin in lettuce, or other drugs in mushrooms? Yeah yeah, there’s already drugs in mushrooms. But what about cooking up a pizza that can lower my cholesterol?

For a look to the future…well, I remembered reading a sci-fi series waaaay back in my youth. In this future, even the vehicles were modified animals…enormous turtles, beetles, dragonflies and the like, with hollow bodies for people to ride in. The cops mainly flew in birds of preys (Sparrowhawks I believe). One of the biggest things I remember were Potsters…hybridized potatoes that when baked, had lobster meat inside. Potato-Lobsters. Potsters. How silly. Or maybe not so far off…

Here’s a part of the storyline that I found out there googling for potsters. Give it a read. 


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