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December 26, 2007

Back from the Holiday. Meow?

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So I didn’t blog during the Christmas Holiday. Oh well.

So here’s two or three postings rolled up in one. About three weeks ago I adopted a kitty named Zane. Cute, hyper, still pretty cuddly most of the time. He’s in that young adult stage, where he’s still kitten cute but mostly grown up. For some reason, I’ve been wondering why we don’t have miniature cats. We have mini-horses, lots of mini-dogs, bantam chickens, even miniature potbelly pigs. Why don’t we have tiny cats running around (other than a lack of tiny mice for them to chase). So a little research pulls up this site.  Apparently there are munchkin cats with a form of dwarfism. Smaller breeds of persians and bobtails. Apparently rare, and just hard to find. Then there is this site, which sells genetically modified cats (currently larger versions hybridized with Serval and Asian Leopard Cat).  They’re working on a mini-cat breed. Oh, and the Ashera comes in a ‘normal’ and a special Hypoallergenic model ($22k and $28k respectively, plus the $1500 hand delivery fee). I’ll take two please.

But what about the Squittens (squirrel/cat hybrids). Check the link here.  If you like the idea of true hybridized cats though, go to google and do some searches for ‘bengal cats’, as they are a hybrid with a Serval cat.


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