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November 28, 2007

Healthy Diets

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Zombie Food Pyramid
I’ve been told that I should work a little on my diet. This one seems easy enough. Brrrrraaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnssssss.


November 26, 2007

Band Practice

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So I’ve had a busy month. A holiday, work on the house, and Guitar Hero III came out AND Rock Band was released! What’s a Digitalboy to do…

And I’m sure you’re asking yourself (who wouldn’t), how do GH III and Rock Band compare? They’re pretty similar…playing the guitar and bass tracks will be almost identical, with the exception of songs. GH has more classic rock; Rock Band has a lot more Weezer, The Killers, along with some of the classics. I feel that Guitar Hero is better for solo play, and Rock Band is more fun with a group of people. So if you have Nerd Night with all your friends over, you’ll be busting out the drums for Rock Band (and maybe the mic, if you can get someone drunk enough to Karaoke). Rock Band DOES rock out on the customizations…you can make your own individual rocker, pick his/her hairstyle and colors, wardrobe, and even design his own tats. Pretty frickin’ awesome.

November 20, 2007

Flickr – I’ve been Restricted

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So apparently someone stumbled across my photo albums on flickr, and reported me as potentially offensive. You know what, I am! More than likely offensive actually; but I do tag my photos. So someone must have intentionally gone into my photos, seen what one of the 3% of my photos which might involve male nudity, or male/male displays of affection, and reported it. And trust me, they aren’t just lying right out there in the public view, so they must have looked pretty close.

So if you like that kinda of stuff, follow my Flickr link to the right, and SIGN IN to see some of my pics.


November 7, 2007

iPhone 1.1.1

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So sometime in the last week I finally got around to updating my iPhone, then putting the creamy goodness of 3rd party apps back inside the shiny Twinky exterior. Some of my favorite apps: NES (An old school Nintendo emulator), Stumbler (wifi detector), LightsOut (a game) and TTR (Tap Tap Revolution). VNSea is also a nifty geek toy for the iPhone.

If you’re wanting to try your hand at hacking your iPhone, check out for their forums, and get more info.

Wanna swap Buffers?

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This article does tend to make one think. I may have a fetish or two (or two dozen), will they change as time goes on? Or will my love of jockstraps become outdated and slightly antiqued as the years pass; much like pantyhose and hairbrush spanking fetishes are becoming these days?

Be sure to give it a read.

November 5, 2007


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Do you use Firefox as your primary web browser? As an alternate to Internet Explorer? I think you should. Download it here.

A few reasons why, you ask?

1) Built in Spell Check. All those web forms you fill out (G-mail, Yahoo mail, Blogs, etc. etc) are now checked. It won’t autocorrect, but most words that are misspelled get a red underline.

2) It saves Password. Pretty well. You can even go in and look at what those saved Passwords are later, if you want. Don’t put super secrete stuff in there without a secure Master Password. Occasionally, do a print screen of the saved passwords in there and file that paper copy somewhere safe.

3) A lot of stuff just looks better. Cleaner.

4) IE has turned into bloatware. Slow to load, and becomes a memory hog.

November 4, 2007

Bubble, Hearth, Rinse?

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Well, I remember making soap as a kid (yeah, my parents were a little wierd and liked doing stuff like that). But we never made anything as nifty as this. More info here.

Maybe I should start making my own custom soaps again. I think a friend out in SF was doing his own; something along the lines of ‘Dirty Pig Bottom Soap’.


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