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October 29, 2007

You Rock!

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Yes, Guitar Hero III was released this weekend. Saturday night at midnight, actually. So on my way back from the bar, at 2:30 am I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up something to do until I got sleepy. Sadly, Wal-Mart sucks a fat one. They didn’t have any stocked, the Associate who handles electronics was on break, and they said nothing came in UPS. To check back that next morning to see if UPS delivered it. Yeah, I see those UPS drivers making special deliveries to Wal-Mart, all the time…on Sunday mornings! Maybe it was the fact that I was in my Halloween costume (Goth Demon) and he was scared. Or maybe he was just another idiot. Oh well.

I did manage to wait until the next morning for Best Buy to open before I scored my prize. And I was out of costume, with only some black nail polish to mark me as demonic. Then an afternoon of errands before I allowed myself to unbox the Wireless Xbox360 controller and boot up the game. Very nice work on the guitar; the fret board detaches so you can pack it up smaller. The face plate also detaches and you can buy several pre-designed replacements with band artwork.

The game itself rocks. There are lots of reviews out there if you want to look around the web for some. I’ve got to go home and play some GH!!!


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