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October 20, 2007

Another dream puzzle

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So I’ve had another odd dream. And again, its sci-fi/fantasy related. Since I rarely EVER dream stuff like this, I wonder if its a result of NOT playing D&D, Warcraft, or video games lately. My inner geek may be trying to revolt and express itself in my dreams. Who knows?
This time, I’m part of a team (again) but the other members of the team seem to be able to grow strange carapace like armor from their body at will. Imagine turning into a big strong version of an alien lobster, complete with claws. I’m not sure if I had any special abilities. I think I may have just been the leader, but I’m not sure. The team itself sort of reminded me of the Hellboy movie, nothing especially organized.

We’re underground, or inside a hollowed out asteroid, or something. Its a dark, winding laboratory thats carved into solid stone. We’re racing through to find something, or just see what’s going on; I never understood exactly what was going on. At one point we run into guards, and I had to decide if we kill them or what, and remembering the other guys have massive claws, we go around chopping them in the throat. That seemed to be an important part of the dream. Then, we ran into some scientists who we let go, because they didn’t care if we were there or not, they were just arguiing about their projects. After a while, we go into a big chamber that’s lined with caves/holes with bars over the entrance, and behind them in the dark are large alien shapes, kind of like lions or bears but with tentacles and other alien anatomy. Creepy, but not really scary. Then we sense something coming behind us, and we start running to cross the chamber and get up some stairs.

Looking back, there’s a billowing cloud of pure and utter darkness coming across the chamber. Its snuffing out even the minimal light sources in that chamber, and coming after us like its intelligent. I realize I have a Zippo lighter, and I light it, but I’m not sure how much fuel is in it. Someone else ahead of me has a weak glowstick, that’s ll the light we have. The darkness gets closer and closer, and comes up the steps. Its freaky, and actually has me panicked as I’m still running up the stairs.

Finally, as I’m really freaking out, the darkness touches my foot, and my foot goes numb. Then I can feel the life being sucked out of my leg as the darkness crawls up it, and then suddenly a horrific lich-like creature flies up out of the darkness screaming. Then I wake up.

Since this was one of those vivid, more real than reality ever is dreams; I laid there in bed calming down, and listening to the sound of my aquarium pump water in the other room. I could hear it blowing air bubbles, and knew I should get up and put some more water in the tank before I go back to sleep, so the pump doesn’t run dry. I turn on all the lights, and really don’t want to turn them off after I’m done. Its 6 am, and I considering calling my roommate to wake him up before climbing up the stairs to sneak into his bed. Wierd, to be 32 years old and suddenly afraid of the dark for a night.


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