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October 16, 2007

Dream Psychology

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Ok…sometime I have very vivid dreams. Maybe somebody can tell me what this one means. Its a two parter:
In real life, I have a friend who lives down the street, and another married couple who I’m friends with just moved out of a house on the same street with us. In the dream though, we’re all living on the same block, and apparently we’re part of a group of Vampire hunters who go around staking bad guys of supernatural origin. Our houses and neighborhood also changed; so the entire area is full of large mansions with big landscaped lawns a few acres wide. As the dream started, we were sneaking up to do recon on a house down the street. We suspected the owner was a Vampire (at worst) and possibly a Witch Doctor/Voodoo Priest of some flavor. Yeah, that’s the normal part of the dream.

Suddenly, as we’re sneaking around, Dr. Death (or whoever he is) comes out of the house, and suspects we’re prowling around. We all hide, and I duck under some sort of bench or stonework, hoping he doesn’t look underneath. He slowly walks up on me, and all I can see is legs. I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill me, eat my face off, make me a horrible undead monster, or something. I start hoping in that wierd dream state that I wake up before the pain, or that I pass out to miss out. He reaches down…and has a hypodermic needle filled with some sort of zombie juice in it. I frantically grab his hand, and swerve it aside and stab it into his own foot. THEN I black out.

Part II

The dream skips forward, maybe a day, maybe a few days. I’m on the front porch of my bigger, more mansion-like abode. Suddenly, a wierd SUV drives through my gate (and fence) into the front yard, and does a donut in the lawn. Then Dr. Death hops out, all pissed off. Then I remember that I’ve been dating him…yes, I’m dating a Witch Doctor. He apparently has gone a bit psycho(-er) and thinks I’ve tried to call a hit on him, or something. In the dream world, its not even connected to the prior part of the dream, so I think we started dating AFTER I stabbed him in the foot. He runs around the yard, screaming, yelling, and pissing on all my stuff. Yeah, pissing on it. I finally calm him down, and convince him it wasn’t me and my friends out to kill him. He starts to realize that, and I jump up onto him in a big bear hug and we start making out. Then, Poof, and he’s gone. Literally, a cloud of smoke.

I’m left holding a wierd apparatus that looks like a large chemical beaker, with lots of tubes and dried up fluids in it. Then this huge cartoonish looking Hellhound runs up into the yard. I realize its his familiar, which looks like a chihuaha about the size of a horse, but scrunched up into little legs; giving it a humpbacked, hyena look. The Hellhound is friendly, but paniced. It runs off towards the back yard, waiting for me to follow it.

Then the dream ‘reality’ clicks into place, and I put together all the pieces. I’m dating a Witch Doctor, who’s ALSO made himself into a bona-fide undead Zombie. I kept wondering why I didn’t realize he was a Zombie while we were dating… And part of his necromantic rituals removed his heart, and kept it preserved in a similar beaker back in his house/laboratory/Voodoo shrine. And somebody must have broken into his house…stolen the heart, and magicked the rest of the body…leaving the beaker/animating fluids/substitute heart in my arms. The Hellhound ran for help, and came up the street to find me.

That’s when I woke up…oddly confused, wondering how I felt about having a Zombie boyfriend, and trying hard as hell to remember it all later in the day. Any guesses anyone? I seriously wonder if it means I feel that my last few dating experiments have involved guys who’s hearts are in a bottle on a shelf somewhere.



  1. Well, you obviously miss us and should come to the farm more often. You wish we were all rich. And as far as the rest of it goes… I have no f-ing idea. Maybe you are wanting a zombie boyfriend that doesn’t talk back, or talk at all for that matter. All he does is moan and groan, which can be sexy at certain times and not so sexy the rest of the time. So maybe that’s not it at all. I think that the Chihuahua is Chi-Chi on steroids… hehehehe. I truly believe that Dr. Death is peeing on all your stuff because you have peed on all of my animals and you feel bad for doing it. That’s what I think. The beaker represents the hookah… yeah. I don’t know. That was really a weird one. Did you do anything before you went to bed??

    Comment by Manda — October 16, 2007 @ 3:07 pm

  2. No, I didn’t smoke anything before going to bed. I probably should have. I did have two beers at the bar; that’s all!

    Comment by digitalboy75 — October 16, 2007 @ 3:12 pm

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