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October 31, 2007

Upgrade your iPhone

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iPhone OK, you’ve probably not joined the ranks of the iPhone zombies. Cuz you’re not l33T. But don’t worry…you can cut out your Papercraft iPhone by going here. And its even upgraded to 1.1.1 for you! I’ll be updating mine today; but I have the shiny goodness of a real iPhone. And if you’re l33T like me, check out


October 30, 2007

Spooky – Bloody Mary

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As one of my friends asked what I’ll be doing this Halloween (or the Gay High-Holiday, I believe it was phrased), here is a spooky link for everyone. Apparently, the homeless street children of Miami have their own myths and ghost stories, and lots of information on demons.
“The demons’ gateways from Hell include abandoned refrigerators, mirrors, Ghost Town (the nickname shelter children have for a cemetery somewhere in Dade County), and Jeep Cherokees with “black windows.” The demons are nourished by dark human emotions: jealousy, hate, fear.
One of these demons is scary enough that even Satan avoids her, and that’s Bloody Mary.

Read about them here.

October 29, 2007

You Rock!

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Yes, Guitar Hero III was released this weekend. Saturday night at midnight, actually. So on my way back from the bar, at 2:30 am I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up something to do until I got sleepy. Sadly, Wal-Mart sucks a fat one. They didn’t have any stocked, the Associate who handles electronics was on break, and they said nothing came in UPS. To check back that next morning to see if UPS delivered it. Yeah, I see those UPS drivers making special deliveries to Wal-Mart, all the time…on Sunday mornings! Maybe it was the fact that I was in my Halloween costume (Goth Demon) and he was scared. Or maybe he was just another idiot. Oh well.

I did manage to wait until the next morning for Best Buy to open before I scored my prize. And I was out of costume, with only some black nail polish to mark me as demonic. Then an afternoon of errands before I allowed myself to unbox the Wireless Xbox360 controller and boot up the game. Very nice work on the guitar; the fret board detaches so you can pack it up smaller. The face plate also detaches and you can buy several pre-designed replacements with band artwork.

The game itself rocks. There are lots of reviews out there if you want to look around the web for some. I’ve got to go home and play some GH!!!

October 26, 2007

Something for your Tweakend

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Do you know what Tina is? Ok, knowing my friends, probably you at least know what it is. But do you know why its called Tina? This is a scary interesting link.

Seriously, read through it. There are so many gems hidden in there…like:

Don Baird, former meth enthusiast, describes booty bumping as “an unusually high-maintenance spectacle which screams LOOK AT ME I’M PUTTING DRUGS UP MY ASS”.

October 25, 2007

Huzzah for Science!

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October 23, 2007


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So used to be one of my favorite sites. I even pay for the ‘Pro’ service, and have been very happy with it. Money well spent, yada yada. Now, they’ve been under the wing of Yahoo for a while, and the official replacement of Yahoo Photos. What does it mean? More porn apparently, if you read the forums on and the prudes aren’t happy. I guess I wouldn’t be either if my kids could do a search for a school project and finds an amateur nudist’s pics. Anyhow, they’ve messed up a lot of their systems in the changeover; and apparently a lot of my pics, even though they were tagged ‘Safe’ were hidden from public view. So they’re back. Browse through. They’re not all safe, but the latest pics of the work I’ve done around the house are. Woohoo!

October 22, 2007

Geetar Hero

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Guitar Hero III

So very soon I guess I have an important decision…which platform do I buy the latest installment of Guitar Hero on? Will it be the Wii (and buy new guitars), the Xbox360 (I have two guitars) or the PS2 (really no reason to use that one, though I have a guitar for it too).


I’ve heard a nasty rumor that each one will have its own unlockable secrets and characters. I guess I’ll be the XBox fanboy. Though the Wii might be cool if they do something real nifty with the controller.

And then there’s the decision to make when Rock Band comes out. Oh noes!

Guitar Hero III releases Sunday, the 28th. Guess you know what I’ll be doing Sunday afternoon. Monday morning my fingers will be sore from the whammy bar.

October 20, 2007

Another dream puzzle

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So I’ve had another odd dream. And again, its sci-fi/fantasy related. Since I rarely EVER dream stuff like this, I wonder if its a result of NOT playing D&D, Warcraft, or video games lately. My inner geek may be trying to revolt and express itself in my dreams. Who knows?
This time, I’m part of a team (again) but the other members of the team seem to be able to grow strange carapace like armor from their body at will. Imagine turning into a big strong version of an alien lobster, complete with claws. I’m not sure if I had any special abilities. I think I may have just been the leader, but I’m not sure. The team itself sort of reminded me of the Hellboy movie, nothing especially organized.

We’re underground, or inside a hollowed out asteroid, or something. Its a dark, winding laboratory thats carved into solid stone. We’re racing through to find something, or just see what’s going on; I never understood exactly what was going on. At one point we run into guards, and I had to decide if we kill them or what, and remembering the other guys have massive claws, we go around chopping them in the throat. That seemed to be an important part of the dream. Then, we ran into some scientists who we let go, because they didn’t care if we were there or not, they were just arguiing about their projects. After a while, we go into a big chamber that’s lined with caves/holes with bars over the entrance, and behind them in the dark are large alien shapes, kind of like lions or bears but with tentacles and other alien anatomy. Creepy, but not really scary. Then we sense something coming behind us, and we start running to cross the chamber and get up some stairs.

Looking back, there’s a billowing cloud of pure and utter darkness coming across the chamber. Its snuffing out even the minimal light sources in that chamber, and coming after us like its intelligent. I realize I have a Zippo lighter, and I light it, but I’m not sure how much fuel is in it. Someone else ahead of me has a weak glowstick, that’s ll the light we have. The darkness gets closer and closer, and comes up the steps. Its freaky, and actually has me panicked as I’m still running up the stairs.

Finally, as I’m really freaking out, the darkness touches my foot, and my foot goes numb. Then I can feel the life being sucked out of my leg as the darkness crawls up it, and then suddenly a horrific lich-like creature flies up out of the darkness screaming. Then I wake up.

Since this was one of those vivid, more real than reality ever is dreams; I laid there in bed calming down, and listening to the sound of my aquarium pump water in the other room. I could hear it blowing air bubbles, and knew I should get up and put some more water in the tank before I go back to sleep, so the pump doesn’t run dry. I turn on all the lights, and really don’t want to turn them off after I’m done. Its 6 am, and I considering calling my roommate to wake him up before climbing up the stairs to sneak into his bed. Wierd, to be 32 years old and suddenly afraid of the dark for a night.

October 16, 2007

Dream Psychology

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Ok…sometime I have very vivid dreams. Maybe somebody can tell me what this one means. Its a two parter:
In real life, I have a friend who lives down the street, and another married couple who I’m friends with just moved out of a house on the same street with us. In the dream though, we’re all living on the same block, and apparently we’re part of a group of Vampire hunters who go around staking bad guys of supernatural origin. Our houses and neighborhood also changed; so the entire area is full of large mansions with big landscaped lawns a few acres wide. As the dream started, we were sneaking up to do recon on a house down the street. We suspected the owner was a Vampire (at worst) and possibly a Witch Doctor/Voodoo Priest of some flavor. Yeah, that’s the normal part of the dream.

Suddenly, as we’re sneaking around, Dr. Death (or whoever he is) comes out of the house, and suspects we’re prowling around. We all hide, and I duck under some sort of bench or stonework, hoping he doesn’t look underneath. He slowly walks up on me, and all I can see is legs. I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill me, eat my face off, make me a horrible undead monster, or something. I start hoping in that wierd dream state that I wake up before the pain, or that I pass out to miss out. He reaches down…and has a hypodermic needle filled with some sort of zombie juice in it. I frantically grab his hand, and swerve it aside and stab it into his own foot. THEN I black out.

Part II

The dream skips forward, maybe a day, maybe a few days. I’m on the front porch of my bigger, more mansion-like abode. Suddenly, a wierd SUV drives through my gate (and fence) into the front yard, and does a donut in the lawn. Then Dr. Death hops out, all pissed off. Then I remember that I’ve been dating him…yes, I’m dating a Witch Doctor. He apparently has gone a bit psycho(-er) and thinks I’ve tried to call a hit on him, or something. In the dream world, its not even connected to the prior part of the dream, so I think we started dating AFTER I stabbed him in the foot. He runs around the yard, screaming, yelling, and pissing on all my stuff. Yeah, pissing on it. I finally calm him down, and convince him it wasn’t me and my friends out to kill him. He starts to realize that, and I jump up onto him in a big bear hug and we start making out. Then, Poof, and he’s gone. Literally, a cloud of smoke.

I’m left holding a wierd apparatus that looks like a large chemical beaker, with lots of tubes and dried up fluids in it. Then this huge cartoonish looking Hellhound runs up into the yard. I realize its his familiar, which looks like a chihuaha about the size of a horse, but scrunched up into little legs; giving it a humpbacked, hyena look. The Hellhound is friendly, but paniced. It runs off towards the back yard, waiting for me to follow it.

Then the dream ‘reality’ clicks into place, and I put together all the pieces. I’m dating a Witch Doctor, who’s ALSO made himself into a bona-fide undead Zombie. I kept wondering why I didn’t realize he was a Zombie while we were dating… And part of his necromantic rituals removed his heart, and kept it preserved in a similar beaker back in his house/laboratory/Voodoo shrine. And somebody must have broken into his house…stolen the heart, and magicked the rest of the body…leaving the beaker/animating fluids/substitute heart in my arms. The Hellhound ran for help, and came up the street to find me.

That’s when I woke up…oddly confused, wondering how I felt about having a Zombie boyfriend, and trying hard as hell to remember it all later in the day. Any guesses anyone? I seriously wonder if it means I feel that my last few dating experiments have involved guys who’s hearts are in a bottle on a shelf somewhere.

October 9, 2007

Latest Geek Toy

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So, what does a geek do when he has a bad week, his birthday rolled in, and Apple drops the price on the iPhone 200 bucks? You guessed it…he finally caves in and buys an iPhone. I decided to wait a while to blog about it, and was kind of busy last week (work trip to Alabama? Not so fun).

So I’ve had it two weeks now. What do I think? The accessories kinda suck…cases are expensive and low quality. Cingular let me exchange the case-mate brand I bought, which broke in 3 days. DON’T BUY IT. The swivel clip…doesn’t swivel, it just unscrews and drops your shiny new phone in the floor. The headset plug is recessed, so you can only use the included white burrowing slugs that make my ear hurt. Good news though, there’s an adapter (more $$$) that will let you use anything you want, including my favorite Shure brand.

The phone itself is slick. There’s just way too many cool things about it, and since everybody else brags, I’ll say its mostly good geeky stuff. The myspace video of the dancing gay-boy in training won’t load (check myspace at but overall the important stuff on the web does. The caller ID goes out and does a lookup on prefixes and along with ‘Unidentified Caller’ you get a city and state. That’s just kewl. And hacking the phone…I don’t want to get rid of AT&T, so it was easy to hack. Now I can play Nintendo Rom’s on there. /drool as I hum along to Super Mario Bros. For the Geeks: There’s a pared down Stumbler app for the WiFi. Handy. I’ve used it twice for work.

Overall: get one of those clear protective screens. Its going to get fingerprints all over it cause you have to show it off, and somebody else is likely to splatter gooey happiness all over it. C’mon, the new ones won’t be out until next Christmas anyway, and by then the new will be worn off 🙂

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